The joy of hotels and the task that awaits me

I frikken LOVE staying in hotels. I don’t know what it is, but the excitement I feel when I’m heading to a hotel is ridiculous. I would gladly go on a holiday and not leave the hotel room. Well, except to let them refresh all the little bits and pieces and make my bed all nice and crisp again. (I even often make the bed before I leave but I still like that they come and do it properly and fix my sloppy attempt).

I’m staying in a hotel while writing this post. I have a conference to attend so the next two days are going to be big. Full of people and learning and networking (argh!). I’m feeling totally unprepared for the conference because all I’ve been able to think about was the hotel room.

A bed all to myself, no toddler waking me during the night, no chores to do, no clutter.

A bed I didn’t have to make myself!

That’s it. That’s what gets me all zazzed about hotel rooms! The clear, quiet space and the freedom to relax without guilt.

Which got me thinking… why can’t I create a space like this in my own home?

One of my #20for20 goals was to declutter my house. Every time I look at that goal on my list I feel overwhelmed. For someone who abandoned most of her possessions six and a half years ago, I sure have accumulated a lot of clutter.

But it doesn’t always feel like clutter. Pieces of this “clutter” feel like memories, or tokens of love, or safety nets. Some of it is worth money but I haven’t had the time or energy to sell it. Some things are simply big and bulky and I don’t know what to do with them. So I try to ignore it all and tell myself it’s all “necessary” clutter.  

But then I so desperately look forward to a weekend away in a hotel where I don’t have to see any of it, and that brings me to my senses.

So when I go home, I’m going to make a note next to that goal on my list. Rather than decluttering my whole house, I will focus on my bedroom. And when that overwhelms me, I will break the bedroom down into the wardrobe, the bedside tables, the drawers, etc. Once the room is decluttered, I will buy some nice pillows and dressings for the bed. I will create my own little hotel room where I can escape from the world and totally relax. I’ll probably have to share the bed with my husband and be woken by the toddler every night, but you know I do really miss them in this quiet hotel room, so that’ll probably be okay.

Do you have a space that feels totally relaxing? Do you love hotels or hate them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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