About Emma

How I came to be a Personal Development Coach

Emma McVeigh

Like everyone, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in life. And some of the downs were really low. Like many young women, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted from life. I knew that I could be happy and successful “if only” a thousand things were different.

And then I started to realise that I was the one who could make things different. I couldn’t erase the crappy stuff that had dragged me down, but I could grow from it. I focused on improving myself and from there I started changing my situations. I recognised my worth, my skills, and my goals. There was an exciting flow-on effect where, as I made small positive changes, other changes would be set in motion. Of course, this is a continuing process, but I’m thirteen thousand times* happier and more successful than I used to be, and I want to help others achieve that kind of growth too.

*This is an estimate. I’m still working on the formula for the exact calculation. But for now, just trust me.

Qualifications & Experience

I have a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology), and a Diploma of Leadership and Management and I am a qualified Practitioner of Coaching. These studies have fuelled my passion for understanding human behaviour, positive psychology, and supporting other people to be their best selves. I also have a Certificate IV in Disability and have worked in the disability sector for several years supporting people with disabilities to define and achieve their goals.

Emma is a qualified Practitioner of Coaching through The Life Coaching College

My family

I have a pretty excellent husband, Christian, and a super cute little boy named Archie. We also have two West Highland White Terriers, named Teddy & Frankie (or Theodore and Franklin when they’re in trouble… which is often).

Theodore & Franklin, the wild Westies
Me and my baby boy, Archie

Things that make me happy

Besides spending time with my family and friends, I also love wine and cheese, good food, a wide range of music, awesome books, writing, and learning. I’m definitely an introvert, so I really value quiet time to recharge my batteries, but I also love sharing a good conversation over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

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