About Fly Life Coaching


I love to know the meaning behind business names, so I wanted to share the significance of this one.

FLY = First Lead Yourself

I really believe that before you can lead other people, or even follow other people for that matter, you need to First Lead Yourself. You may not know exactly where you’re going yet, but you can still lead yourself to make good choices and to head roughly in the direction you think you want to go. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “leader”, leading yourself is vital if you don’t want to be floating along aimlessly and just following what other people want you to do.

Also, my husband is an aviation nerd and flies a Cessna (which I’m terrified of, just quietly). So naturally, our little boy has a lot of aviation themed things. And let’s be honest, I was feeling a little left out, so I wanted a FLYing theme in my business too!

LIFE = Leadership*Inspiration*Focus*Excellence

These are four areas that can change your life:

Leadership: Whether you’re aspiring to be the CEO, or you wouldn’t mind managing a small team, or you get really frustrated in group assignments, or you just want to be able to make decisions in your day to day life, strong leadership skills can make all the difference. Leading yourself is important, as mentioned above. Having the ability to lead others can really open doors for you too. And leading others is not just about being the boss and earning a bigger salary (although that might be a perk!). It’s about helping others to be the best that they can be, and seeing improvement, and achieving results as a team. Now that all may sound a bit corny, but it is actually pretty satisfying once you start doing it right!

Inspiration: You know you’ve got the smarts, you know you want to do something good, you know you could be incredibly successful … if only you knew exactly what you wanted to do or how to do it… Sometimes inspiration will just come to you in the shower, but there’s a whole lot of things you can do to attract the right inspiration. And learning how to continue inspiring yourself is one of the keys to staying on a positive trajectory.

Focus: Focusing your energy and efforts doesn’t mean you have to stop being creative or abandon any fun stuff. I think it’s quite the opposite. Once you develop the right techniques to help you focus, you can free up so much more time and energy for other things. You might need help focusing on an assignment, or focusing at work, or bigger picture stuff like staying focused on your goals. I can help you get there faster and with less procrastination, stress, and drama.

Excellence: Nobody has big life dreams of being mediocre! I aim for excellence in everything I do (except vacuuming – who has time to do the skirting boards every time?!). Once you start achieving excellence it becomes an addictive habit. Whatever you’re doing, aiming for excellence will get you better results and open more opportunities.


I specialise in helping people with their own personal development. Whether you need help achieving a big goal, you just need to get through a bit of a slump, or you want to figure out what to do with your life, contact me for a free initial consultation and let’s see if we can rustle up some excitement! I’m excited already…