Focus, Motivation, and Achievement

You are obviously awesome. But sometimes you just need a little help with focus, motivation, and self discipline, right?


I’m here to help! Let’s figure out exactly who you are, what’s important to you, and where you want to go in life. Then we will work on how to get there. You can do anything with focus, motivation, and achievement of small to big goals.

Fly Life Personal Development helps women get unstuck and start living the life they want, using positive psychology techniques to improve focus, motivation, and self-discipline.

Using my psychology studies, as well as my life and work experience, I will help you gain self-knowledge and clarity of your goals. Are you feeling a little stuck or lost in life, or you already have a big dream that you don’t know how to achieve? Work with me to figure it all out and get you where you want to be.


Thanks for your patience while I build this website

My knowledge about personal development, goal achievement, motivation and positive psychology is pretty great.

However, websites are not my strong point and it is taking me some time to figure it all out! So bear with me while I get all the info loaded and attempt to make this website look somewhat pretty. It might take a while but be assured that I’m working really hard at it.

In the meantime, I’d love for you to contact me to find out whatever information you’re looking for. I promise I won’t do any hard sell or make you feel uncomfortable. This will help both of us – you will get answers to whatever questions you have, and I will find out what information people are looking for on my website and make sure I add it.